Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Wedding Planner

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I wanted to take this opportunity to share my top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional wedding planner, along with some great guidance from the experts:


Your wedding planner has planned countless weddings and has extensive knowledge of wedding do’s and don’ts.  You are able to rely on their advice, professionalism and guidance throughout the planning process.


“Hiring a planner doesn’t mean you’re giving up control.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Wedding planners have access to resources and ideas you may not have even thought of!   A good wedding planner will offer you the best options to make your decisions and ensure that you get the style you want at the most reasonable price.”  
Sara Renee Lowell, Sara Renee Events


Establishing a budget is an important part of your wedding planning experience.  With the help of a planner, you will be able to set realistic financial parameters for your wedding and stick to them.


“A wedding planner will save you invaluable time and money.  The experience and the expertise a planner has for contracting and negotiating is priceless. A planner will keep you organized and make important and timely decisions with you in your special year of planning.”
Melissa Davis, Melissa Davis Designs, Inc.


Carefree Wedding:
Did you know there are an average of 15-20 vendors involved in your wedding?  Add this to the amount of guests you have invited, and you have a great deal of  questions and potential crises that the day may entail.  Leave these questions and conundrums to your wedding planner, as they become your point person and enable you to have a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable wedding!


 “Event planners assist in navigating and simplifying the process in order for the bride and her family enjoy the complete experience.”
Gloria Fonts, Cymbidium Events


On your wedding day, rely upon a professional to assist with the crucial element of timing throughout the day.  Wedding planners create itineraries and timelines to assist with the flow of the days, hours and minutes leading up to
your wedding.


Your wedding planner is knowledgeable and can assist with vendor selections during the wedding planning process. They will factor in your budget, as well as the dynamics and personalities of each vendor, allowing you create a  “Dream Team” for your special day.

Happy planning!!