Miami Heat: Same-Sex Weddings in South Florida

This article was written before the Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nation wide.

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eWhat’s not to love about a same-sex wedding in Miami? You’ve got sun, you’ve got beach, and you’ve got that stunning architecture that looks as if the first fabulously gay caveman on earth carved it. And you can have it all without flashing a passport. Out-of-towners and residents alike love that a wedding here means that all involved are in a destination so fun it might as well be called Florida’s “other” Happiest Place on Earth.


One cold note in such a heated climate: Same-sex marriage is not legal in Florida (yet), so if you want that license you’ll still have to make it official in another state.


Before you pack the sunscreen and wedding bands, remember that a wedding on these shores takes a lot of planning. To that end, we’ve enlisted three people to help you out: Event Planner Melissa Davis, salon managing partner Mario Silvestri, and hotel representative Jonathan Torres. With this ménage à trois, all you need is a honeymoon hot tub… for the two of you, of course.



viewimage_story_elementMelissa Davis, Melissa Davis Designs

Davis, who runs Melissa Davis Designs, has been in the event-planning business for 17 years, and says that almost all of the weddings she handles are from couples out of state. “People love the idea of a wedding in Miami,” she says. “They want a view of the Atlantic, toes in the sand, something outside.”


When Davis gets the call, she first looks at budget, then moves on to vendors. She also finds out what the priority is for the couple, venue or time.


“If you’re dying to get married in a certain hotel, then that’s the priority. If you call me and say ‘I just want to get married in March or April,’ then that’s the most important thing.”


Other factors to consider are weather. Miami can be horribly hot during the summer months. Hurricane season officially runs June through November with August through October being the peak wedding dates – all of which creates a lot of extra planning. “It is 10 to 15 degrees cooler on the beach,” reminds Davis, who thinks that March has the best weather for South Florida weddings.


Any wedding in South Florida requires a rain plan, and all major venues are prepared. “If the chance of rain is over 30 percent, I usually have to make that call,” says Davis, adding that most hotels want the rain back-up plan in writing.


Davis likes to have 10 months to plan a wedding, although she’s done it in half that time. “It has a lot to do with whom you’re hiring,” she says. “If you want the best photographer or band, you need time. You also need to remember that there are only so many Saturday nights in a year.”